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Maliko back home
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When we reached home, a welcome party was held inviting the Maliko group which remained behind. The jerseys and boots brought along from Austria (a gift from wellwishers at Heim.Art in Neufelden) were donated to the surrounding schools, namely Makonkonto Basic School, Siamuyala School, Fisheries School and Sinazongwe Basic School.

Appreciating the go-team when it was back, a special welcoming event to hear the feedback was organized. The community back home organized a one-day war dance entertainment to welcome the go-team from Austria. The go-team shared their experience in Austria and shared the gifts brought to their schools. These gifts were sporting attire (for soccer teams). The three schools were given. The District Education Officer and the three school managers were at hand to receive the gift.

The community gave the go-team a thunderous welcome, a thing the go-team least expected for they thought others left behind were disgruntled.  “Opportunity comes to everyone as God allows it to be” was the saying from the community. They were all happy that their community is now known (marketed) outside the country and that blowing a horn (“kusiba nyele” in Tonga language) can really take a person so far!

Josiah Moyo


read some quotes from members of Maliko after returning home:

Ever Sialumbuka: “I was so overwhelmed for I expected little but learned much. Firstly, I enjoyed the flight, I never dreamed to travel outside the country; I am not educated for what I thought is only educated people fly in aircrafts. I also like Austria as it is a clean place, people there freely interacted with us, no racial discrimination, we were well fed though food is not like ours here but few days later I got used to it. We were so cared for during the traveling and stay in Austria. I liked all the places visited. Back home I received a thunderous welcome from my family. I never dreamed all this extraordinary experience. I wish it comes again”.

Siamukumbwa S.Benson,  60yrs old: “It was an intriguing experience for me to fly in air. I enjoyed the plane, actually three planes one way to Austria. We really enjoyed our stay in that nation. The festival was so nice and our drums combined with melodious sound from the antelope horns, pulled the crowd and no doubt caught attention of the birds. We were no doubt the best. The interactions with all the groups were very good, so organized and admirable. The Austrians are loving people, we were home actually. I really count myself a very lucky man to be among the team who traveled. Taking part in my traditional dance has paid me a lot, so much that I urge the young ones to preserve our dance. All was well arranged for us. I must be there next time”.

Siakachela Bedford, 62yrs old: “We went to show our traditional dance there (in Austria). There were other many groups from different nations. It was a big festival. We really enjoyed it there. I was happy to interact with other different groups. I liked that it is not only us here preserving our traditional culture but all nations and people. It is not being primitive to take in traditional dances. Look, those who say it is being primordial, have they been taken to other countries? I flew because of blowing the antelope horn. I can’t wait to be there again”.

Agness Siamunyembe, 72yrs old, the oldest in the Simonga-Maliko group was a female member of Maliko and this is what she had to say: “Yes its true that I was the oldest in the group and many people did not believe that I will be going out not even myself did I. I thank that whiteman for thinking of me, as you have seen my age. May be that is why God was still keeping me for, he wanted me to see where the whitemen come from; so any time now I may die but die as a happy person but before I die, among the stories I can narrate to my grand children it will be the flight, the big planes, bigger than the bus and very comfortable. We were fed nicely though we carried our mealie meal for Nshima we did not eat it as we thought because all the time we were satisfied (with the local food provided). Those people are honest, no conductor in their buses. The thing which interested me most was the underground train when we went for supper that day (in Vienna). I did not know things can happen underground apart from mining.” 

Siamuchiliba Ellison, 42yrs old, the man who plays the biggest drum: “I really enjoyed being in Austria, the travel (flight), nice accommodation and interactions with other nationals. I enjoy our traditional dance especially my big drum I play it. It is heavy to lift but when in happy mood during the actual war dance, I do not feel its weight. The other thing I appreciated was the out of pocket allowances we received. We went to play and we were appreciated with what we least expected. It was a big relief for my family and me, because I managed to buy a cow and roof the house with iron sheets. I hope this opportunity comes my way again.”

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  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    Great. So often there is envy. But here there was a celebration.