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“Finding Common Ground”
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Good News from Harare,
The Parade documentary has been invited to the 14th Zimbabwe International Film Festival 2011 which runs from 30th of Sept. to the 7th of October under the theme “Finding Common Ground”,
thanks Penny for the submission and info
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  1. peter says:

    The Parade documentary will be showing at the Young Africa Skills Centre in Chitungwiza (a high density suburb of Harare) on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 4:00pm.
    Admission is free. for more details see -> You will find all the information you need on the current website:

    PARADE documentary, synopsis

    “As the Sinazongwe community, they did not think that blowing a horn (’kusiba nyele’ in local Tonga language) can take a person so far”. Josiah Moyo, Sinazongwe / Zambia

    Parade was a well acclaimed cultural exchange project in the context of the European Capital of Culture 2009 in Linz / Austria. Twelve musical groups - ranging in size from duos to marching bands of more than 30 musicians - were parading and floating along a variety of routes along the outskirts of Linz. Music on the move from various origins mixed up the suburbia and enhanced it with new senses. The encounter of musicians from different origins and sound worlds provided for a very special listening experience, resonating in the urban landscape and (re)claiming public space for the arts.

    Simonga-Maliko, the 30 head strong Ngoma Buntibe group of musicians from Siachilaba / Zimbabwe and Sinazongwe / Zambia, hailing from the Tonga community in the Zambezi Valley on both sides of Lake Kariba, has been the core ensemble of this very special festival. In fact the very concept of the Parade (which was developed by the late Keith Goddard from Kunzwana Trust / Harare in collaboration with Peter Kuthan from Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association in Linz), has tried to emulate the amazing features of a Ngoma Buntibe ceremony swirling through a village and encircling the whole crowd. “A good African-inspired event, with a multiplicity of things happening all at once“. (Andrew Tracey)

    The Parade documentary video film, like the Parade blog and the Parade travelogue, (a report from Josiah Moyo who accompanied the Maliko group of musicians from Sinazongwe / Zambia on their journey) are quite diverse narratives about finding common ground through the universal language of music, not only across the waters of the Zambezi River but also across the African continent and the globe:

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