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Windhund & Zumari taking LINZFEST by storm
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Otto Lechner, accordion, Melissa Coleman, cello, Mathias Jakišić, electric violine, Karl Ritter, guitar and Peter Rosmanith, percussion have been featuring the two Zumari horn players Shaaban Muasi Vuai (Sekembuke) and Hussein Fereji Azani (Siga) from Zanzibar at LINZFEST on Monday. Not only for the LINZFEST organiser Wolfgang Almer but also according to many other participants in the audience, this concert was wonderful and – together with the Poetic Pilgrimage from Jamaica – one of the highlights of LINZFEST 2010.

Comrade Fatso from Zimbabwe, who was also lining up at Linzfest together with Tendai Manatsa and Josh Meck, after listening to the performance: “Great show, guys!! Really powerful collaboration.. Blew me away! more fire to you!”

Trail the Windhund & their guests from Zanzibar Sekembuke & Siga to Graz (1st June @ Orpheum) and Vienna (7th June @ Porgy&Bess)! see their travelogue online:

Thanks to Werner Puntigam for taking the pictures. Some more with Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka:

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  1. peter says:

    Shaaban Muasi Vuai aka Sekembuke and Hussein Fereji Azani aka Siga, the two zumari horn players from Zanzibar have been visiting the exhibition Heimspiel:Auswärtsspiel at Museum Arbeitswelt in Steyr

    have a look:

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