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First arrivals welcome
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The Masterdrummers of Nepal, Simonga-Maliko from Zimbabwe and Zambia, Sekembuke & Siga from Zanzibar and Lege Lege Foli from Burkina Faso were the first groups to arrive on Wednesday morning in Linz for the Parade. After a tour to visit today the three Parade sites the musicians met at the Posthof for a welcome party in best mood and lots of good vibrations and dancing (music by Soundsgood / Bert Estl). Meanwhile hornroh from Switzerland and the Austrian Donau Brass joined in, the latter offering some tunes as a welcome. The party was welcomed by the Director for Cultural Affairs of Linz Sigi Janko and the chairman of the resident Black Community Ike Okafor. Quite a number of old friends met the musicians like Georg Ritter from Stadtwerkstatt or Sandra Hochholzer and Ingo Leindecker from Radio FRO.

Photo: Masterdrummers of Nepal © Stefan Kuthan

Photo: Simonga-Maliko © Stefan Kuthan

Photo: Hussein Fereji Azani (aka Siga) © Anna Kuthan

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  1. lucy ngosolo says:

    i’m happy for the Tonga people, my people

  2. that’s my blood mubutonga bwesu

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