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Simonga-Maliko: collaboration continues
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The two Tonga groups of musicians, Simonga from Siachilaba in Binga district in Zimbabwe and Maliko from Sinazongwe in Zambia, who formed a joint ensemble as one of the highlights of Parade at Linz 2009 Cultural Capital of Europe in May are going to continue their collaboration across the waters of Lake Kariba.

Unfortunately this year’s visit and performances at the annual thanksgiving Lwiindi ceremony end of July at the Malende site in Sinazongwe was overcast by the mourning for the late Jonah Syamenga Syankondo. He was the “keeper of the shrine” and brother to Chief Sinazongwe and died shortly prior to the festive weekend. Therefore the Lwiindi ceremony was called off and the burial held instead with Simonga joining not only the sorrow but also the Ngoma Buntibe performances outside the morgue and on the way to the burial site. Actually the Tonga community is sharing and caring across the River mulonga.

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Categories: Artists, Simonga-Maliko -

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