Gehende Musik aus allen Himmelsrichtungen / Music on the move
Polyrhythms & Polysounds
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Parade video presentation

The video documentary of Parade has just been completed by Dariusz Kowalski and Peter Kuthan in Linz and will be presented in Johannesburg at the project space Right on the Rim in the new cultural precinct Arts on Main on Thursday, September 24, as part of the event

Music on the move – Polyrhythms & Polysounds

The event in three parts is consisting of

* ‘Collage Movement & Sounds’, a experimental movement and sound Workshop with Christos Daskalaskos (registration: – 3pm to 5 pm

* ‘Polyrhythms’ to be experienced by the audience in the Arts on Main Courtyard (realised by Christos Daskalaskos) – 5:30 pm

* ‘Polysounds – the Parade’ a video screening of an artistic sound experiment in the context of Linz09, the Cultural Capital of Europe, presented by Anna Kuthan and Peter Kuthan in collaboration with The Trinity Session, Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs – 6:30 pm to 7:50

The audience will find itself - without barriers - in new roles: taken by surprise, encircled, involved. Within the interplay of convergence and distance, public space will be renegotiated. ‘Polyrhythms’ and ‘Polysounds – The Parade’ opens the ears and widens the horizons of the city.

The living city is a collage where layers of history, culture and people continuously overlap. The living city is never static and buildings, roads and structures once built for a particular purpose are recycled, appropriated finding new uses and new meaning. Arts on Main, a group of buildings thus transformed, is the setting for an event that reflects the constant pulse of the city, its people and how their expression of dance and music mirrors the changing city.

WHEN: On Thursday (holiday), September 24

at 3 pm - 5 pm Workshop ‘Collage of Sounds’ (50 Rand contribution asked),

at 5:30 pm ‘Polyrhythms’ (free entrance),

at 6:30 pm ‘Polysounds – The Parade’ (free entrance)

WHERE: in Arts on Main (corner 264, Fox Street (entrance) - 38, Berea Street).

Right on the Rim ( is open Tue – Sat, 11 am – 3 pm.

The Living City

1. Collage Sounds:

Time - 15h00 - 17h00

This workshop draws on African rhythms and instruments. Overlaid by the city and cultures we inhabit we will find ways to explore these rhythms using movement and instruments of all shapes and sizes. Everyone has the capacity to move and express themselves and during this workshop you will be guided to find your unique rhythm. Once we have found our rhythm we will join up in small groups and find ways of weaving our individual rhythms into a larger more complex rhythms. And slowly we will make the groups larger creating an ever more complex and exciting piece. This workshop is not aimed at musicians or dancers but anyone who finds the process of creating something beautiful where there was nothing before, should come along and have some fun.

Facilitator - Christos Daskalakos

Christos Daskalakos has been involved with dance in Johannesburg for over 30 years. He began as a performer and teacher at Moving Into Dance, and has since explored dance as a means of personal growth and expression through workshops and classes. He is a qualified Biodanza facilitator and as well as running regular classes offers various dance workshops from ‘AfroFusion to Dervish Whirling. He can be contacted via

2. Poly-Rhythms

Time - 17h30 - 18h00

Join us in this happening. We live and are surrounded by many sounds. Sometimes we hear them and take part and sometimes they just form urban wallpaper. With this event we can choose. There will be three drummers, three rhythms and lots of home-made percussion instruments. We join one or another of the drummers, we jam, we dance. We move between, we make connections and we disengage. All the time creating through our movement and sounds one piece of art. A collaboration of sound and movement - an expression of living.

3. Poly-Sounds

Time - 18h30 - Parade - music on the move from solarCity across the harbour area to Pöstlingberg a project in the context of Linz09 cultural capital of Europe

“Parade makes the outskirts of Linz resound. Music on the move from various directions mixes up suburbia and enhances it with new senses. The encounters of different sound worlds and resonances in public space provide for a very special listening experience. Parade is an artistic sound experiment and at the same time exciting entertainment.

What will the antelope horns and percussion instruments of the Tonga sound like when they encounter Austrian brass music or the Zumari horns from Zanzibar? How will the alphorns from Switzerland and the moving balaphones from West Africa respond to the master drums from the foothills of the Himalayas? How does the echo sound from a residential area, a machinery hall or from the historic battlements on Pöstlingberg?

The audience will find itself - without barriers - in new roles: taken by surprise, encircled, involved. Within the interplay of convergence and distance, public space will be renegotiated. Parade opens the ears and widens the horizons of the city”.

A presentation by Anna + Peter Kuthan in collaboration with Right on the Rim / Arts on Main and The Trinity Session

Arts on Main, Jo'burg

Arts on Main, Jo'burg

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