Gehende Musik aus allen Himmelsrichtungen / Music on the move
full circle - back home
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End of September the /Parade/ made it once more and somehow full circle to where the idea originated from: to the Tonga villages along the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe. In fact, the way the Tonga Ngoma Buntibe music uses space was the inspiration and core for the concept of “Parade” as designed by the late Keith Goddard and Peter Kuthan.

First, on 29th September in Binga at Tonga.Online office at the Binga library and then the next evening in front of Siachilaba bottlestore, the video documentary of Parade met great interest and rousing applause from a packed audience.

In Binga the local stakeholders and authorities recognised the promotion of Tonga culture abroad and the performance of the joint Tonga ensemble from both sides of the lake. A lively discussion followed if such exposure and random music is not diluting the essence of Ngoma Buntibe as spiritual music. This argument was countered with emphasis on the fact that Ngoma Buntibe is a dynamic concept which has always served for community entertainment and leisure too. Another issue coming up was that of decent and appropriate attire. Again this was seen mainly quite flexible as to be in accordance with a certain purpose, location and audience and nothing “authentic” at all.

In Siachilaba, especially with most Simonga members and lots of friends and families present, the documentary was revoking many pictures and memories of the long journey to Linz in Austria, the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Prior to the show the Simonga members sat together with Peter Kuthan and the Tonga.Online team who facilitated the tour and came up with abundant stories how fruitful the money earned in Europe was spent back home. It was not only welcomed as a significant increase in family income but also as a source for carefully planned investments like cattle, goats, a plough, a fishing net, household items or school fees.

Even the community benefited by the donation of soccer attire from Joachim and friends at Heim.Art. The sets were handed over to schools and teams in the area boosting a fresh drive of sporting exercise and enthusiasm.

Of course there was reason to celebrate this achievement with another splendid Ngoma Buntibe performance and lots of Chibuku beer.

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