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Zumari back in Austria
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lentosOtto Lechner & Windhund featuring Siga & Sekembuke
Zumari Horns from Zanzibar

Monday, 24th May, 19:00, Linzfest 2010, Linz
Tuesday, 1st June, 20:30, Orpheum, Graz
Monday, 7th June, 21:00, Porgy&Bess, Vienna

Otto Lechner, accordion
Melissa Coleman, cello  
Mathias Jakišić, e-violin  
Karl Ritter, guitar
Peter Rosmanith, percussion 

featuring: Siga & Sekembuke:
Shaaban Muasi Vuai (Sekembuke), Zumari horn
Hussein Fereji Azani (Siga), Zumari horn


The Windhund are often embarking on cross-border projects - not only in the geographical, but also in the artistic-musical sense. It is especially the inter-linkage of music and poetry that thereby creates a new dimension of artistic expression. The group has repeatedly engaged with the music world of Africa: Together with the Moroccan singer Kadero, Otto Lechner has founded the Vienna Rai Orchestra, which has made the Arabic influenced music of North Africa establish itself in Vienna. In May last year they played together with Siga & Sekembuke, the Zumari Duo from Zanzibar in several places in Austria from Melk to Vienna after the duo had participated at the Parade where the audience of Linz grew very fond of them. Now the duo has been invited to Austria again to perform with the Windhund at the Linzfest 2010, at the Orpheum Graz and the Porgy&Bess in Vienna.

In July the Windhund will set sail for East Africa where another encounter with the Zumari duo will take place in Zanzibar upon invitation from the Dhow Countries Music Academy.

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  1. Peter says:

    Zumari horns @ Stadtwerkstatt Linz: Hussein Fereji Azani aka Siga (left) and Shabaan Muasi Vuai aka Sekembuke, the two Zumari horn players from Zanzibar who took part at Parade in Linz09 have been back and preparing / rehearsing with Otto Lechner & Windhund for LINZFEST 2010 at Stadtwerkstatt. A break to enjoy table soccer at ground floor was most welcome. watch it out:

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