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Zan - Zim session
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After their rousing performances at LINZFEST 2010, the five musicians from Zanzibar and Zimbabwe - Shaaban Muasi Vuai aka Sekembuke, Hussein Fereji Azani aka Siga (who played with Otto Lechner & Windhund), Tendai Manatsa aka Bomba, Josh Meck aka Shimbo and Samm Farai Monro aka Comrade Fatso - went on a retreat to Harrachsthal in the backwoods of Mühlviertel north-easterly of Linz.

The host Karl Katzinger aka John Tylo from Backwoods Association expected them to stay overnight in his old farmhouse and to perform at the Cafe Druzba next door. First, a sunny afternoon provided for the right mood to relax and to teach Sekembuke and Bomba to scythe whilst Monique and Rose prepared a range of dishes East African style.

Towards evening Siga and Sekembuke started their procession in the backyard blowing the Zumari horns and pulling the crowd into the venue where Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka took over with their radical street poetry and pulsating music. A short video homage by Michael Pilz dedicated the evening as a tribute to the late Keith Goddard with Peter Kuthan showing some slides about his legacy, the Tonga.Online project in Zimbabwe (

Thanks to the lively interest and participation of the audience the event lasted “till late”, way beyond midnight and saw some musicians jamming including the host Karl on the trumpet - a true Pungwe and nice farewell to Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka!

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