Gehende Musik aus allen Himmelsrichtungen / Music on the move
Documenting The Parade
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Possible ideas for presentation:

3-4 screens side by side (possibly as a large backdrop to the stage)
3-4 screens above the heads (suspended off the ceiling for people to look up at)
3-4 screens configured in a type of an architectural structure (adding a 3d form to the projection)

Documenting The Parade

During the documentation of the Parade through Linz on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd May, Machfeld and The Trinity Session will co-ordinate documentation of the experience from diverse angles and vantage points focusing on thematic highlights, intriguing juxtapositions and evocative details.
From the abstract to the orientational, the documentation will be in the form of digital sound, image and video. The approach to this documentation process will be developed and planned with various Parade participants, artists, students and professionals with the intention of capturing the experience for future editing and creative common license use within the team and for an intervention on the evening of the 1st and 2nd May.

The projected intervention during the evening events of the 1st and the 2nd May, will focus on a conceptual representation of the events of the day. Just like the coming together of various musicians and musical styles and instruments from around the world during the Parade, the presentation of the experience will be treated as an exquisite corps, juxtaposing angles, details and abstract forms onto a triptage of evocative raw imagery from the day.

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