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The Trons @ Time’s Up
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Photo: The Trons

Time’s Up schätzt sich glücklich einen ebenso honorigen wie auch sympathischen Gast für die Dauer von zwei Wochen in Linz begrüssen zu dürfen. Der studierte Physiker Greg Locke bastelt in seiner Freizeit an einer autark musizierenden Roboterband. Diese wird sich am 2. Mai 2009 im Linzer Hafen präsentieren. An diesem Abend wagen wir den Spagat zwischen höchst unterschiedlichen Kulturen, sowohl auf sozialer als auch technologischer Ebene, da wir unsere Infrastruktur und unsere Veranstaltungsskills in den Dienst des interkulturellen Audio-Projekts Parade stellen werden. Das Aufeinandertreffen von analogen Rhythmen und westlicher Technologie liefert den Stoff für eine lange, kontrastreiche Feierlichkeit auf die wir schon sehr gespannt sind.

Time’s up feels honored and lucky to welcome a charismatic guest for the period of two weeks in Linz. The physicist Greg Locke uses his free time to tinker a self-sustaining band of robots which will present itself on May 2nd in the harbour of Linz. On this evening we dare the split, between very diverse cultures on a social as well as on a technological level, as we give our infrastructure and skills to the intercultural audio project „Parade“. The crossover of analog rhythms and western technology delivers the substance for a lasting high-contrast festivity which we are very anxious to witness.

The Trons are a self playing robotic garage rock band from down under New Zealand and will be having a residency at Time’s Up in Linz in April/May. They will perform in the evening of day two of the Parade. The Trons are completely self playing junk robots. They are made mainly from recycled and salvaged parts, and play standard guitars, drums and keyboards. Their musical influences include the Clean, Velvet Underground and similar indie bands.

photo: time's up © peter kuthan
Photo: Time’s up © Peter Kuthan

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  1. Greg Locke says:

    Hi all from New Zealand! The Trons are flying safely in their cases at the moment and we are all incredibly excited to be part of the Parade. The Trons have had a brief trip to Europe before but, but nothing like this where the ideas behind the band will fit so well with the event and it’s philosophy. It is indeed an honour and especially great to have the chance to meet and work with the team at Time’s Up.

  2. sandra407 says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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