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Donau Brass
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Photo: Donau Brass © Martin Ptak
Photo: Donau Brass © Martin Ptak


Österreichische Blasmusik in neuem Gewand gespielt von acht jungen MusikerInnen, die sich neben Jazz und Improvisation der Neu-Entdeckung von Polka und Marschmusik verschrieben haben.


Austrian brass music in new appearance played by eight young musicians, who have dedicated themselves, alongside jazz and improvisation, to the rediscovery of polka and marching music.


Musiker / Musicians:
Saxophon/saxopohone: Sophie Hassfurther
Klarinette/clarinet: Viola Falb
Oboe: Cornelia Pesendorfer
Trompete/trumpet: Gerd Rahstorfer
Posaune/trombone: Stefan Konzett
Tenorhorn/ tenor horn: Hermann Mayr
Tuba: Ali Angerer
Trommel/drum: Ewald Zach

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2 Comments to “Donau Brass”

  1. Musicians of Donau Brass says:

    Hello !

    We are an ensemble of 4 brassplayers, 3 woodwind players and a drummer, called Donau Brass. We grew up playing all sorts of Austrian brassband and marching band music, later we got very curious about Jazz and improvisation and other kinds of music.
    We are looking forward to Parade Linz 09 because we will meet musicians from all over the world - listening to their music and create a new sound of music together with them. We are no fans of military parades (we only enjoy the famous love parade) and we believe that Parade Linz 09 will be an extraordinary Parade of Music. We hope to meet people in the audience who will maybe even dance or sing with us as they participate Parade Linz 09 or just walk some time with us through different parts of Linz.

    See you there !
    Cornelia, Sophie, Viola, Gerd, Ewald, Ali, Stefan, Hermann (Musicians of Donau Brass)

  2. Dear Danau Brass group, namaskar (hello in Nepali)
    We loved your music and you all
    nice to see you on web site, you might have remember us, we have played with you in during linz parade
    We are Masterdrummers of Nepal

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