Gehende Musik aus allen Himmelsrichtungen / Music on the move
parade location visits
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Photo: Schiffswerft © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Schiffswerft © Peter Kuthan

The Parade documentation project aims at capturing the wealth of sounds and images, of cross-cultural encounters, experiences and reflections during the Parade. It creates a collaborative platform for artists and media experts from various countries and cultural backgrounds to document the Parade, to reflect on the strategies of presentation and representation -  ”deconstructing the image of the other” -  and to prepare for an artistic intervention. At the same time it will provide for a pool of material for future editing and creative common license use within the team and for the cooperating artists, musicians and partners.

photo: HMH Maschinenhalle © Peter Kuthan
Photo: HMH Maschinenhalle © Peter Kuthan

So as to get a first impression of the sites some members of the documentation team (audio: Klaus Hollinetz, video: Michael Mastrototaro + radio: Sandra Hochholzer+Ingo Leindecker) visited the three locations where the Parade will take place. First station was at Time’s Up and the docks. Then the team headed to the residential area solarCity with the nearby HMH machine factory (under construction). The day ended on top of the town’s landmark, the Pöstlingberg.

photo: Pöstlingberg © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Pöstlingberg © Peter Kuthan

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