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Passport lost and found
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Photo: Lake Kariba © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Lake Kariba © Peter Kuthan

Email concerning visa applications for Simonga-Maliko:

Thanks for your mail, it’s always nice to hear from you.
Now, the latest is that last night i was talking with Hon.Chief Sinazongwe, who told me that the passport for the other Cultural Participant which had missed, was actually found after some inquiries where made with Immigration Department- Passports Office. Actually, it was the mistake of a Passport Officer to have misplaced it.
So, Hon. Chief is asking if it is too late for him to send the man to Sengamo, so that he can organise a visa for him? If it’s not too late, the Chief will organise transport to take the man across the Zambezi. Let me know as soon as possible so that i can advice the Chief correctly.

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1 Comment to “Passport lost and found”

  1. Nkomo Smart Simazenge mwana says:

    nga ndabaamantukwe mubuTonga bwangu akambo kenu nobana benjoo…., ndaamba ndinywe nobana becisi. akoko mutala mwasinazongwe ndamulumba kapati. kuli bacikula ndati banike ngoma te ilamana baDolyo (simonga band member) bamana kufwa. banike tuzame pulani. otherwise make me lift my head when i walk th streets of South Africa. twalumba BaMuzamba, abamwi boonse

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