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Binga rehearsal
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Photo: Simonga-Maliko © Michael Mastrototaro

This is a rehearsal of the Tonga musicians from Zimbabwe and Zambia recorded in Binga, Zimbabwe 2009 by michael mastrototaro (machfeld) during the research for the art-project: PRESS THE BUTTON - Binga / Zimbabwe and Johannesburg / South Africa.

Binga rehearsal

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3 Comments to “Binga rehearsal”

  1. Albert Vingwe says:

    This is a wonderful piece of art demonstrated by the minority people of Binga. They have been denied access to democracy, air their views, right to participate in the development of their life. It is our sincere hope that the current government of national unity will bring this space to these people so that they too can participate in the development of their community and most importantly their skills, life etc. The struggle is certain but victory is coming! Viva !

  2. Meluleki Maranatha Mhlanga says:

    I salute the BaTonga people of Northen Zimbabwe. this is a tribe of people who respect their culture and Binga on its own is pregnant with tourist atraction activities although the locals are not benefiting from the income. Having worked ther for almost five years in the rural Binga,i learnt a lot from them and up to this day i stil salute them and would like to associate myself with these people.Who ever is organising this event pliz look forward and live to your vision. Leza akulongezye loko!

  3. as far as the tonga people are concerned i think we are rising to our best level.when i was growing up kwasianzyundu i never thought such a thing was possible but today we talk of basyanene ama nene going abroad. indeed they are going to fly. kunembo anzizyo, mutachebuki musule

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