Gehende Musik aus allen Himmelsrichtungen / Music on the move
Zumari ambassadors from Stonetown

photo: Stonetown © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Stonetown © Peter Kuthan

“Tunasubiri kwa hamu sana kwenda kuona maisha ya huko, si unajua hatujawahi kufika Austria, tunaamini itakuwa raha sana!”

Sekembuke and Siga are delighted that they are part of the European Capital of Culture, Linz 09 through the Parade. They are happy to be the only group chosen from the United Republic of Tanzania (which comprises the mainland and Zanzibar island) to participate at such an event. They believe that their participation will help to attract attention regarding the power and potential of the Zumari, an instrument that nowadays not many musicians choose to play.

The two musicians are looking forward to work with different groups from around the world during the Parade and they expect interesting synergies. It is their concern to promote traditional music on Zanzibar and particularly instruments like the Zumari. “There is a great potential in participating at the Parade in Linz. We feel like being ambassadors from a small Zumari society in Zanzibar. We will definitely learn new keys in music since there will be a vast variety of instruments involved from different groups.”

The Zumari can be played while walking which makes the group feel very comfortable and confident enough that the Zumari will catch the attention of many people during the Parade. Siga and Sekembuke have already participated in music parades in Zanzibar as part of the Beni music. Beni music in Zanzibar is often performed as a street parade, involving different kinds of brass instruments and seen as a mockery of colonial military bands. Many people join in, sing and dance together. This way the audience finds itself caught in the mix and walk with the group without recognizing the distance left behind. Siga and Sekembuke are looking forward to experience such an event in a new set up and with a new audience.

The group anticipates some slight challenges, especially on following the concept of the Parade and meeting its expectations. They hope to harmonically fit to the different sounds, but they also expect the Parade to be a lot of fun and a very special experience for them. “There will be a lot of musicians involved. We have to listen to different sounds from different groups using different instruments and find a point that we can fit ourselves in. We can’t wait to see it happening!”

(By Dismas Leonard, Tour Manager of Sekembuke&Siga)

photo: Siga+Sekembuke © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Siga+Sekembuke © Peter Kuthan

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