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Parade across the Zambezi
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photo: Victoria Falls Bridge © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Victoria Falls Bridge © Peter Kuthan

Simonga-Maliko is set to parade across the Mighty Zambezi River, more than fifty years after the rising waters of the Zambezi forced the BaTonga from the fertile soils in the Zambezi Valley to the higher lying lands in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The group will perform from Chinotimba Beer hall to Tshakas Den Craft centre at the Victoria Falls on the morning of 27th April, 2009. People will wake up to the moving sounds of the Nyele horns, drums, singing and rattles. Some will encounter it on their way to work.

The parade will then proceed across the Victoria Falls into Zambia at 11:00 with collection of water from both the Zimbabwean and Zambian sides of the river. This will be an experience not to be missed as the sounds of the Ngoma Buntibe and the roar of the Zambezi combine and reverberate in the gorge below the bridge.

(By Sengamo Ndlovu, Tour Manager of Simonga-Maliko)

photo: Victoria Falls © Peter Kuthan
Photo: Victoria Falls © Peter Kuthan

Categories: Artists, Simonga-Maliko -

3 Comments to “Parade across the Zambezi”

  1. Rasha Ragab says:

    I like your project of bringing together different people of different cultures thru music in linz.

  2. wish was in zimbabwe was going to try all available means kuti nkeyolalila ku vic falls ensondo mpawo mu 27 was going to be a witness bapati besu kabalikuzicita.

  3. Greetings from New York City. It is such a pleasure to see the efforts by Simonga and Maliko to highlight the cultural heritage of the BaTonga people.

    That the event is being hosted on the Zambezi River, across the bridge, could not have been more symbolic. The bridge physically unites the two sides of the river as does this, culturally project for the BaTonga people across the river.

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